Graphs 2003

Javorná, June 2-6, 2003



The conference is a continuation of the series of annual Czechoslovak (from 1993 Czech-Slovak) Conferences on Combinatorics and Graph Theory . This year the conference will be organized by the Pilsen branch of the Institute for the Theoretical Computer Science (ITI) and the Department of Mathematics   University of West Bohemia .


The conference site, Javorná, is located on the border of the Šumava National Park (Šumava Mountains), in South-West Bohemia, close to the main road between the town Klatovy and the well-known tourist center (located on the Czech-German border) Železná Ruda/Bayerisch Eisenstein. Javorná is easily reachable by public transport: busses (Prague) - Pilsen - Klatovy - Železná Ruda.

Transport connection

  • by public transport - recommended connection: from Klatovy by bus Klatovy - Cachrov,Javorna, departure from Klatovy at 12.30, arrival to Javorna at 13.40, Praha-Plzen-Klatovy by bus or by train;
  • by car: from Pilsen, take road No. 27 to Klatovy and Zeleznna Ruda, see the map. How to get through Pilsen can be found at
Alternatively, by train Praha - Plzen - Klatovy - Zelezna Ruda, the organizers can bring you from Zelezna Ruda; please ask in advance.


The conference will start with afternoon session on Monday, June 2, and will end with morning session on Friday, June 6. Each session will consist of one lecture of an invited speaker and 3-5 twenty minute contributed talks. Two projectors, one data-projector with a laptop and blackboard will be available. A booklet of abstracts will be distributed among the participants during the conference. Conference languages are Czech, Slovak and English.

Accommodation, Prices

Accommodation of all participants, all meals and all conference activities will take place in a comfortable environment of hotel Stavbař. There are double and triple rooms with in-room facilities. Most rooms are equipped with telephone and TV. The hotel has a stylish tavern, playrooms, tabletennis and a sauna, outdoor swimming-pool, a terrace with refreshments and a playground. The hotel is located in a quiet place and its surroundings offer many nice walks.


  • One night with full board: 525 Kč,
  • The cost for the whole conference (accommodation, full board from lunch on Monday to lunch on Friday, including conference dinner): 2200 Kč,
  • Conference fee: 500 Kč, students will have a 50% discount.
  • The current approximate exchange rates are:
    • 1 Euro = 32,00 Kč
    • 1 USD = 27,00 Kč

An additional acommodation is provided at student dormitories Bolevecka 30, see map.


As usual, there will be a trip, probably on Wedensday afternoon. There are several choices where to go: the castle Velhartice, the castle Kašperk , the town Klatovy, the town Železná Ruda, Černé and Čertovo lakes ...

List of participants

Invited speakers

   Jendroľ Stanislav
   Miller Mirka
   Rosenfeld Moshe
   Voss Heinz Juergen
   Nebeský Ladislav
   Valtr Pavel

Other participants

Bača Martin, Brousek Jan, Caha Rostislav, Čada Roman, Fiala Jiří, Fronček Dalibor, Holub Přemysl, Horňák Mirko, Hrnčiar Pavel, Ipolyiová Maria, Kaiser Tomáš, Klazar Martin, Knor Martin, Kocková Zuzana, Kochol Martin, Kolman Petr, Král Daniel, Kratochvíl Jan, Kubesa Michael, Kužel Roman, Lin Yuqing, Líšková Ľubica Madaras Tomáš, Ryan Joe, Ryjáček Zdeněk Semaničová Andrea, Semanišin Gabriel, Soták Roman, Sugeng Kiki A., Stacho Ladislav, Tesková Libuše, Tuhársky Milan, Tuchanová Milena.

Conference program

15:30  Voss Heinz Jurgen   On k-trestles in polyhedral graphs
16:20  break
16:40  Tuharsky Milan  Light stars in large polyhedral maps
17:05  Ryan Joe   The eccentric digraph of a (di)graph
17:30  Hrnciar Pavel   Eccentric sequences and cycles in graphs
17:55  Kochol Martin   The equivalent version of the 3-flow conjecture
18:20  Kolman Petr   A note on the greedy algorithm for the unsplittable flow problem

9:00  Valtr Pavel Extremal questions for geometric graphs
9:50  break
10:10  Caha Rostislav  Paths and cycles with prescribed edges in hypercubes
10:35  Kockova Zuzana  Decomposition of even graph into closed trails
11:00  Stacho Ladislav  Edge-disjoint cycles through prescribed vertices
11:25  Cada Roman  Short disjoint paths in locally connected graphs
11:50  Lin Yuqing  On the edge connectivity of cages
16:00  Jendrol Stanislav  Local properties of graphs embedded
16:50  break 
17:10  Ipolyiova Maria  The minimal polynomial of 2 cos(\pi /p) and regular maps of large planar width
17:35  Liskova Lubica  Cayley maps and their exponents
18:00  Hornak Mirko  Neighbours distinguishing index of plane bipartite graphs
18:25  Semanisin Gabriel  Additive induced-hereditary properties and unique factorization

9:00  Rosenfeld Moshe  Variations on hamiltonian themes
9:50  break 
10:10  Kuzel Roman  Every 4-connected line graph is hamiltonian if and only if it is hamiltonian connected
10:35  Klazar Martin  Power series in combinatorial enumeration
12:30 TRIP - Castle Velhartice

9:00  Nebesky Ladislav  On the interval function of a connected graph
9:50  break 
10:10  Kral Daniel  Coloring powers of chordal graphs
10:35  Sotak Roman  On the chromatic number of integer distance graphs
11:00  Fiala Jiri  Generalized H-coloring and H-covering of trees
11:25  Knor Martin  Face 2-colourable triangulations of $K_{n,n,n}$ and biembeddings of Latin squares
11:50  Baca Martin  Labelings of graphs
16:00  Miller Mirka  Summable graph labelings
16:50  break 
17:10  Sugeng Kiki  The sum labeling for fan
17:35  Semanicova Andrea  On the magic and supermagic line graphs
18:00  Froncek Dalibor  Vertex magic total labelings of products of graphs
18:25  Kubesa Michael  $\alpha$-like labeling and drafting of the graphs

10:00  Kaiser Tomas 2-walks in graphs
10:25  Erik Bryoth Online ranking of dodecahedron
10:50  break 
11:05  Kratochvil Jan Geometric intersection graphs
11:30  Ryjacek Zdenek  On local and global independence numbers of a graph

Graphs 2003, Javorná, June 2.-6., 2003: