7th Workshop on the Matthews-Sumner Conjecture and Related Problems

Domazlice, March 24-29, 2013

After the workshop

Many thanks to all the participants for their part in making the workshop a fruitful and enjoyable event. The next workshop in this series will take place in Domazlice, in the week preceding the Easter 2015 - that is,

March 29-April 3, 2015.
A photo gallery from this year's workshop is available. The schedule of talks and other events is given below, with links to slides, preprints, videos from concerts etc.


9:00Hajo BroersmaWhat's on the menu this week? (an appetizer)
10:30Hao Li + Weihua YangSupereulerian graphs and hamiltonicity of line graphs
14:30Zdenek RyjacekStable forbidden subgraphs - what is behind?
9:00Tomas KaiserThe hypergraph proof technique - a tutorial
14:30Petr VranaOn 1-Hamilton-connectedness
15:00Zdenek RyjacekHourglasses, Hamilton-connectedness and 1-Hamilton-connectedness
9:00Kenta OzekiTutte cycles and cycles of length linear of the order in line graphs
11:00Shuya ChibaSets of cycles whose union dominates all edges
13:45Excursion to Klatovy (more catacombs) (concert programme) (concert videos)
9:00Herbert FleischnerBipartizing matchings
9:45C.-Q. ZhangNowhere-zero 3-flows
10:30Edita RollovaNowhere zero flows in skew cartesian products
14:30Arthur Hoffmann-Ostenhof Nash-Williams Conjecture and the Dominating Cycle Conjecture (link to paper)

About the workshop

The workshop was focused on problems and results related to the celebrated Matthews-Sumner Conjecture whose equivalent forms assert:

Topics within the scope of the workshop included:

This event was the seventh in a series of workshops held in Nectiny (1999 and 2000), Hannover (2002), Hajek (2003) and Domazlice (2008, 2011).

Location and dates

Domazlice is a charming town about 50 kms southwest of Pilsen (see here for some photos). The workshop began with dinner on March 24 and ended with breakfast on March 29. It took place in the hotel Sokolsky dum on the main square of Domazlice (marked by a star in this map).

Accommodation was arranged in Sokolsky dum and in Penzion U Chodskeho hradu across the main square.


The following is the list of participants:
Yandong Bai Hajo Broersma Shuya Chiba Evelyne Flandrin
Weihua He Arthur Hoffmann-Ostenhof Hao Li Kenta Ozeki
Ingo Schiermeyer Kiyoshi Yoshimoto Weihua Wang Cun-Quan Zhang

...plus the organizers (Herbert Fleischner and Zdenek Ryjacek) and colleagues from the Pilsen group (Honza Brousek, Roman Cada, Honza Ekstein, Premek Holub, Tomas Kaiser, Roman Kuzel, Edita Rollova, Jakub Teska and Petr Vrana).

Organizers and contact

The workshop was co-organized by the Department of Mathematics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Support from the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (CE-ITI) and the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists (JCMF) is gratefully acknowledged.

The organizing committee was chaired by Herbert Fleischner and Zdenek Ryjacek.

If you need additional information, please write to ryjacek [@] kma [.] zcu [.] cz.