5th Workshop on the Matthews-Sumner Conjecture and Related Problems

Domazlice, October 6-10, 2008

After the workshop

Slides to all the talks are available:

Photos from the workshop can be found in this gallery (for full-size versions of these pictures, see here).

Articles about the event appeared in the local newspaper Domazlicky denik (English translation here) and in Klatovsky denik.

Many thanks to all the participants for their contribution to the inspiring atmosphere of the workshop.

About the workshop

The workshop was focused on problems and results related to the celebrated Matthews-Sumner Conjecture whose equivalent forms assert:

Topics within the scope of the workshop included:

The event was the fifth in a series of workshops held in Nectiny (1999 and 2000), Hannover (2002) and Hajek (2003).

Location and dates

Domazlice is a charming town about 50 kms southwest of Pilsen (see here for some photos). The workshop began with lunch on October 6 (noon) and ended with lunch on October 10. It took place in the hotel Sokolsky dum on the main square of Domazlice.

Accommodation was arranged in Sokolsky dum and two hotels situated very close to it:


The workshop (which was by invitation only) was attended by the following participants:
Ljiljana Brankovic Hajo Broersma Igor Fabrici Ralph Faudree
Evelyne Flandrin Herbert Fleischner Grzegorz Gancarzewicz Arthur Hoffmann Ostenhof
Heinz Jung Jan Kratochvil Hao Li Edita Macajova
Mirka Miller Jaroslav Nesetril Daniel Paulusma Moshe Rosenfeld
Joe Ryan Ingo Schiermeyer Bing Wei Kiyoshi Yoshimoto

plus the Pilsen group:
Zdenek Ryjacek Jan Brousek Roman Cada Jan Ekstein
Ruslan Gumerov Premysl Holub Tomas Kaiser Roman Kuzel
Ondrej Rucky Khikmat Saburov Milena Sebkova Radek Sliva
Jakub Teska Libuse Teskova Petr Vrana


The workshop was organized by the Department of Mathematics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Support from the Research Plan MSM 4977751301 of the Czech Ministry of Education, and from the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI), is gratefully acknowledged.

The organizing committee was chaired by Zdenek Ryjacek. For additional information, please email to ryjacek [@] kma [.] zcu [.] cz.