Seminars 2002 – 2024

There is a regular Graph Theory seminar at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Sciences in Pilsen. Seminars start at 10:00 in the room UN 656.

16/4/2024 Borut Lužar Combining proper and square colorings
9/4/2024 Roman Nedela Generation of cyclically 4-connected cubic graphs
12/3/2024 Petr Vrána The absence of closures of given properties
27/2/2024 Roman Nedela Flows on snarks induced by perfect matching covers
20/2/2024 Zdeněk Ryjáček Hamilton-connectedness of 3-connected {K_{1,3}, Γ_3}-free graphs
21/11/2023 Karl Heuer Even circuits in oriented matroids
14/11/2023 Karl Heuer Tools from Topological Infinite Graph Theory for Hamiltonicity
31/10/2023 Roman Nedela Map isomorphism problem in the context of some classical problems of computer science
17/10/2023 Jakub Teska Union-closed sets conjecture
10/10/2023 Ingo Schiermeyer 3-colourability, diamonds and spindle graphs
03/10/2023 Masahiro Sanka Toughness and forbidden subgraphs for hamiltonicity of graphs
26/9/2023 Jakub Teska Proof of a special case of P. Frankl's Union-closed sets conjecture II.
19/9/2023 Jakub Teska Proof of a special case of P. Frankl's Union-closed sets conjecture I.
16/5/2023 Petr Vrána The closures preserving hamiltonian properties on the subclasses of K_{1,4}-free graphs
02/5/2023 Jan Volec The sixth Ramsey number is at most 147
18/4/2023 Liming Xiong How does the induced hourglass affect a graph to have hamiltonian properties
4/4/2023 Edita Máčajová Petersen graph is the only snark fully covered by short cycles
28/3/2023 Eng Keat Approximating fractionally isomorphic graphons
21/3/2023 Tomáš Kaiser Entropy and the union-closed sets conjecture
14/3/2023 Vašek Chvátal The discrete mathematical charms of Paul Erdős
7/3/2023 Roman Nedela Crystallisations of 3-manifolds
14/2/2023 Tomáš Kaiser Criticality in Sperner's Lemma
13/12/2022 Ján Hladký Invitation to graphons
6/12/2022 Roman Čada On the existence of properly colored factors in edge colored graphs
22/11/2022 Martin Kopřiva Generalized L(p,q)-labellings of graphs
1/11/2022 Petr Vrána Counterexamples to West-Wu conjecture
25/10/2022 Joe Ryan Furthering graph valuations
18/10/2022 Roman Nedela Bipartite index of a graph and Vizing's theorem
11/10/2022 Tomáš Kaiser On topics related to nowhere-zero flows, matchings and a project we are about to start preparing
4/10/2022 Peter Zeman (Universite de Neuchatel) Testing isomorphism of chordal graphs of bounded leafage is fixed-parameter tractable
27/9/2022 Roman Nedela Topics related to a research project that is currently in preparation
20/9/2022 Hamed Karami Perfect Colorings of Generalized Petersen Graphs
10/5/2022 Tomáš Kaiser Independent transversals in graphs II
26/4/2022 Chris Purcell Subgraph complementation and minimum rank
5/4/2022 Roman Nedela The Weisfeiler-Lehman dimension of circular arc graphs
29/3/2022 Petr Vrána Closure of claw-free, hourglass-free graphs to hourglass-free line graphs of multigraphs preserving Hamiltonian connectedness
22/3/2022 Adam Kabela Frankl's conjecture and Cui-Hu conjecture for small set systems
15/3/2022 Jan Ekstein Hamiltonian paths and cycles in graph powers
8/3/2022 Roman Nedela Hamilton cycles and paths in graphs embedded into surfaces
1/3/2022 Tomáš Kaiser Hamilton cycles in line graphs of 3-hypergraphs
14/12/2021 Adam Kabela An introduction to induced-saturated graphs
30/11/2021 Mária Skyvová Classification of finite group actions on orientable surfaces III
23/11/2021 Mária Skyvová Classification of finite group actions on orientable surfaces II
16/11/2021 Roman Nedela Decyclic 3-connected cubic graphs
9/11/2021 Adam Kabela Density maximizers of layered permutations
2/11/2021 Petr Vrána Closure in locally finite claw-free graphs
26/10/2021 No seminar talk scheduled. There is a talk of Jan Vršek entitled Symetrie a ekvivalence algebraických křivek starting 10:00 in UC 143.
19/10/2021 Mária Skyvová Classification of finite group actions on orientable surfaces I
12/10/2021 Jakub Teska Hamiltonian properties of lexicographic products
5/10/2021 Tomáš Kaiser Independent transversals in graphs I
21/9/2021 Roman Nedela Perfect matching index of cubic graphs of defect 3
30/6/2020 Chris Purcell Exclusive sum labellings of hypergraphs
3/3/2020 Matěj Stehlík Bipartite complements of circle graphs
18/2/2020 Tomáš Kaiser Chi-boundedness of classes of graphs
10/12/2019 Robert Hancock Limits of sequences of Latin squares
3/12/2019 Petr Vrána Hamilton-connected {claw,net}-free graphs I
27/11/2019 Roman Čada Complete bipartite graphs with no properly colored cycle of length fours
20/11/2019 Chris Purcell Satisfiability and hereditary graph classes
30/10/2019 Honza Ekstein & Jakub Teska Hamiltonicity of lexicographic products
23/10/2019 Daniel Král Matroid width parameters and integer programming
16/10/2019 Tomáš Kaiser Generalised Mycielski graphs II.
9/10/2019 Tomáš Kaiser Generalised Mycielski graphs I.
21/5/2019 Alexander Mednykh Counting spanning trees, forests and Kirchhoff index for circulant graphs
14/5/2019 Chris Purcell Housing markets and parameterized complexity
7/5/2019 Hoi Ping Luk Tilings of the sphere by almost equilateral pentagons
30/4/2019 Xiaojing Yang Forbidden subgraphs and graphs with some properties
30/4/2019 Xia Liu Forbidden subgraphs and weak locally connected graphs
23/4/2019 Liming Xiong Some results in square of a graph
9/4/2019 Přemek Holub Forbidden pairs and 2-factors in 2-connected graphs
26/3/2019 Matej Stehlík The width of projective quadrangulations
12/3/2019 Takamasa Yashima 2-factors in cubic graphs
12/3/2019 Roman Nedela A poly(n) algorithm for testing the isomorphism of circular-arc graphs
26/2/2019 Roman Nedela Isomorphisms of maps on the sphere
18/12/2018 Binlong Li Hamiltonian circles of the prism of infinite cubic graphs
11/12/2018 Zdeněk Dvořák Colouring of graphs, Part IV
27/11/2018 Adam Kabela Forbidden pairs and perfect graphs
20/11/2018 István Estélyi On the Clar Number of Benzenoid Graphs
13/11/2018 Zdeněk Dvořák Colouring of graphs, Part III
6/11/2018 Roman Nedela Spanning trees, flows, harmonic functions and symmetries of graphs
30/10/2018 Zdeněk Dvořák Colouring of graphs, Part II
23/10/2018 Martina Mockovčiaková Hamilton cycles in leapfrog fullerene graphs
16/10/2018 Zdeněk Dvořák Colouring of graphs, Part I
9/10/2018 Borut Lužar 3-choosability of planar graphs with maximum degree 4
2/10/2018 Takamasa Yashima Properly colored 2-factor theorem and its future prospects
25/9/2018 Chris Purcell Boundary classes of graphs
15/5/2018 Jan Ekstein Revisiting the Hamiltonian Theme in the Square of a Block --- a history and new progress
24/4/2018 Přemek Holub S-pakovací barvení grafů
27/3/2018 Petr Vrána The Hamilton-connectedness of 3-connected claw-free N1,1,5-free graphs
20/3/2018 Dan Kráľ (University of Warwick) The step Sidorenko property and non-norming edge-transitive graphs
13/3/2018 Peter Zeman Discrete and fast Fourier transform made clear using linear algebra
6/3/2018 Zdeněk Ryjáček Weak coloring of line graphs
27/2/2018 Tomáš Kaiser Schrijver graphs and edge-criticality
12/12/2017 Marthe Bonamy (LaBRI, Bordeaux) Partitioning the vertices of a torus into isomorphic subgraphs
5/12/2017 Mária Nedelová Classification of edge-transitive maps
28/11/2017 Roman Nedela Hamiltonicity in 'symmetrical' graphs and maps
21/11/2017 Jakub Teska Intersecting many longest paths in a connected graph
14/11/2017 Adam Kabela Deciding Hamiltonicity by Max-Flow Min-Cut for cactus-like graphs
7/11/2017 Petr Vrána Closure for {K1,4, K1,4 + e}-free graphs
31/10/2017 Dalibor Froncek (University of Minnesota Duluth, USA) Decompositions of complete bipartite graphs into prisms revisited
24/10/2017 Martina Mockovčiaková Star edge-coloring of subcubic graphs
17/10/2017 Elham Aboomahigir (Tarbiat Modares University, Iran) The domination number of the intersection graph of subgroups of a group
26/9/2017 Edita Rollová Perfect matchings in highly cyclically connected regular graphs
12/9/2017 Peter Zeman On H-topological intersection graphs
16/5/2017 Dan Kráľ (University of Warwick) Uniqueness of optimal configurations in extremal combinatorics
9/5/2017 Adam Kabela Tough planar graphs with short longest cycles
2/5/2017 Endre Csóka (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary) Kőnig's line coloring and Vizing's theorems for graphings
25/4/2017 Tomáš Kaiser On the Penrose polynomial of graphs
18/4/2017 Liming Xiong (Beijing Institute of Technology, China) Degree sums of adjacent vertices and hamiltonian properties
28/3/2017 Martina Mockovčiaková How many symbols for /k/-Thue sequences?
21/3/2017 Přemek Holub Anti-Ramsey theory for bipartite graphs
14/3/2017 Jan Volec (McGill University, Canada) Bounded colorings of graphs and hypergraphs
7/3/2017 Shipeng Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology, China) Forbidden subgraphs for connectivity and supereulerian properties of graphs
28/2/2017 Roman Nedela Harmonic morphisms of graphs
13/12/2016 István Estélyi (University of Primorska, Slovenia) On the spectra and symmetries of some Cayley graph-related objects
6/12/2016 Marthe Bonamy (LaBRI, Bordeaux) Reed's conjecture and strong edge coloring
29/11/2016 Edita Rollová 3-flow with large support
22/11/2016 Zdeněk Ryjáček Hamiltonian properties of 3-connected (claw, hourglass)-free graphs
8/11/2016 Petr Vrána Thomassen's conjecture in a subclass of K1,4-free graphs
1/11/2016 Borut Luzar (FIS Novo Mesto, Slovinsko) The Δ+2-conjecture in incidence coloring of graphs
25/10/2016 Tomáš Kaiser The chromatic number of Schrijver graphs and topology
18/10/2016 Dipendu Maity (IIS Bangalore) On centrally symmetric maps
11/10/2016 Ilia Ponomarenko (Steklov Institute of Mathematics) A short introduction to Babai's quasipolynomial graph isomorphism testing
27/9/2016 Edita Rollová Perfect matchings in regular bipartite graphs
20/9/2016 Dan Kráľ (University of Warwick) Large graphs and uniqueness of their limits
10/5/2016 Moshe Rosenfeld (University of Washington Tacoma, USA) Selected problems in graph theory
3/5/2016 Martina Mockovčiaková Four ways to introduce strong edge-coloring
26/4/2016 Maria Saumell Stabbing lines, circles, and the relation to cluster Voronoi diagrams
19/4/2016 Martin Škoviera (Comenius University in Bratislava) Permutation snarks
5/4/2016 Petr Vrána On a closure concept for a subclass of the class of K1,4-free graphs
15/3/2016 Roman Nedela Cubic graphs that are critical with respect to cyclic connectivity
8/3/2016 Edita Rollová New proof of Seymour's 6-flow theorem
16/2/2016 Adam Kabela Toughness and Hamiltonicity of special graph classes
8/12/2015 Robert Lukoťka (Comenius University in Bratislava) Short cycle covers of weighted cubic graphs
1/12/2015 Adam Kabela Hamiltonian cycles in tough chordal graphs
24/11/2015 Zdeněk Ryjáček Characterization of graphs with exclusive sum labeling
10/11/2015 Ilkyoo Choi (KAIST, Daejeon, Korea) Progress towards conjectures on chi-bounded families
3/11/2015 Maxim Limonov (Novosibirsk State University) Harmonic morphisms of graphs as 1-dimension analogue of holomorphic maps of Riemann surfaces
27/10/2015 Ping Hu (University of Warwick) Extremal graph theory
13/10/2015 Tomáš Kaiser Circuits, matchings and flows in cubic graphs
29/9/2015 Nicolas Gastineau (Universite Bourgogne Franche-Comte) S-packing coloring of paths and grids and dichotomies properties on computational complexity of S-packing coloring problem
22/9/2015 Jonathan Noel (University of Oxford) Extremal Bounds for Bootstrap Percolation in the Hypercube
16/6/2015 Shinya Fujita (Yokohama City University) Some results on covering vertices by monochromatic subgraphs in edge-colored graphs
26/5/2015 Joe Ryan (University of Newcastle) An overview of graph irregularity strengths
20/5/2015 Bernard Lidický (Iowa State University) Precoloring distant vertices in triangle-free planar graphs
12/5/2015 Jan Hladký (Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) f-vectors of flag complexes
28/4/2015 Pavol Hell (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby) Forbidden structure characterizations of interval and circular arc graphs
14/4/2015 Liming Xiong (Beijing Institute of Technology) An extension of the Chvatal-Erdos theorem: Counting the number of maximum independent sets
7/4/2015 Kenta Ozeki (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo) A set (g,f)-factor in graphs and its application
3/3/2015 Tomáš Kaiser My favourite open problems
9/12/2014 Dan Kráľ (University of Warwick) Finitely describable combinatorial limits
2/12/2014 Maria Saumell Peeling potatoes near-optimally in near-linear time and Mirka Miller Radial Moore graphs
25/11/2014 Martina Mockovčiaková Generalization of linear and cyclic nonrepetitive sequences
11/11/2014 Novi Herawati Bong (Newcastle) EX graphs and Sudeep Stephen (Chennai) Power domination
4/11/2014 Lluis Vena (Charles University) Deducing an arithmetic removal lemma from the removal lemma for hypergraphs and its applications
21/10/2014 Diana Piguet A density Corradi-Hajnal theorem
14/10/2014 Kristiana Wijaya (University of Newcastle) On Ramsey minimal graphs
7/10/2014 Cyriac Grigorious (University of Newcastle) On conditional resolving sets of graphs
30/9/2014 Joe Ryan (University of Newcastle) Totally antimagic total graphs
23/9/2014 Ingo Schiermeyer (TU Freiberg) Deciding 4-colourability for (P6, Z1)-free graphs
27/5/2014 Laszlo M. Lovasz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) The height of the tower in Szemerédis regularity lemma
20/5/2014 Eckhard Steffen (University of Paderborn) Circular flows
13/5/2014 Liming Xiong (Beijing Institute of Technology) Factors of graphs
29/4/2014 Edita Rollová What is the maximum order of a planar signed clique?
22/4/2014 Binlong Li Forbidden subgraphs for hamiltonicity of 1-tough graphs
1/4/2014 Diana Piguet (University of Birmingham) An approximate version of the tree packing conjecture for bounded degree trees
25/3/2014 Matěj Stehlík (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble) Odd cycle transversals of fullerenes
11/3/2014 Ilkyoo Choi (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Variations of coloring of toroidal graphs
4/3/2014 Robert Lukotka (University of Trnava) 2-factors in cubic graphs
25/2/2014 Nico Van Cleemput Graph generation methods
18/2/2014 Tomáš Kaiser Hamilton cycles and toughness in interval and chordal graphs
11/2/2014 Martina Mockovčiaková Distance constrained edge colorings of graphs
10/12/2013 Binlong Li The Ramsey number of paths versus wheels
3/12/2013 Roman Čada Forbidden subgraphs for hamiltonicity of 3-connected K1,4-free graphs
26/11/2013 Zdeněk Ryjáček Forbidden triples for rainbow connection
19/11/2013 Nico Van Cleemput On Hamilton cycles in triangulations
5/11/2013 Zur Izhakian (Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel) A glimpse on supertropical algebra and Halina Bielak (UMCS, Lublin, Poland) Ramsey numbers for graphs
22/10/2013 Edita Rollová Covering signed graphs with signed circuits
8/10/2013 Maria Saumell Extending partial representations of proper and unit interval graphs
24/9/2013 Tomáš Kaiser Barevnost kvadrangulaci projektivnich prostoru
3/7/2013 Binlong Li Heterochromatic triangles in colored graphs and Bo Ning Directed C4s in oriented bipartite graphs
14/5/2013 Zdeněk Ryjáček Duhova souvislost a zakazane podgrafy
7/5/2013 Edita Rollová O clanku L. M. Lovasz, C. Thomassen, Y. Wu a C.-Q. Zhang: Nowhere-zero 3-flows and modulo k-orientations
30/4/2013 Jan Brousek Traceabilita v 2-souvislych grafech
9/4/2013 Moshe Rosenfeld (University of Washington Tacoma) Erdos is 100 years old. Some work we did with my students in Vietnam
2/4/2013 Kenta Ozeki (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo) Tutte cycles in graphs on surfaces
19/3/2013 Edita Rollová Nenulove toky v sikmych kartezskych soucinech grafu
26/2/2013 Tomáš Kaiser O grupove souvislosti grafu - hlavni otevrene problemy v teto oblasti a jejich kontext
19/2/2013 Zdeněk Ryjáček Indukovane podgrafy zarucujici stabilitu hamiltonovske souvislosti
12/2/2013 Edita Rollová Homomorfismy signovanych grafu
4/12/2012 Michal Hanzlík Grafove problemy s logaritmickou prostorovou slozitosti
27/11/2012 Jan Ekstein Hledani hamiltonovskych kruznic v druhe mocnine grafu z eulerovskych tahu v multigrafech
20/11/2012 Tobias Müller (Universiteit Utrecht) First order logic and random graphs
13/11/2012 Jan Brousek Zakazane podgrafy a cyklicke vlastnosti grafu
6/11/2012 Mirka Miller Whats New in the Degree/Diameter Problem
30/10/2012 Jaroslav Šídlo Vector coloring
23/10/2012 Anita Abildgaard Sillasen (Aalborg Universitet) Some problems related to the Degree/Diameter Problem
16/10/2012 Arthur Hoffmann Ostenhof (TU Wien) On Problems related to the Circuit Double Cover Conjecture
2/10/2012 Přemek Holub Referat o barevnosti claw-free grafu bez velkych uplnych podgrafu
25/9/2012 Tomáš Kaiser Algebraicke souvislosti vety o ctyrech barvach
15/5/2012 Mirka Miller Open Problems in the Degree/Diameter Problem, Part II
9/5/2012 Thomas Kalinowski (Universitaet Rostock) Maximal antichains in the Boolean lattice
2/5/2012 Dominique Buset (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) Some topics related to the degree/diameter problem
24/4/2012 Moshe Rosenfeld (University of Washington Tacoma, USA) The Odd-Distance Graph
17/4/2012 Přemek Holub Maximalni podgrafy s omezenim na stupen a diametr
10/4/2012 Roman Glebov (Freie Universitaet Berlin) Conflict-free coloring of graphs
3/4/2012 Roman Čada Nejdelsi kruznice ve 2-faktorech
13/3/2012 Zdeněk Ryjáček Distancne lokalne nesouvisle grafy
6/3/2012 Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo (Universita di Modena) Covering a graph with matchings of fixed size
28/2/2012 Tomáš Kaiser Podrozdeleni Petersenova grafu v permutacnich grafech
14/2/2012 Riste Škrekovski (University of Ljubljana) Some recent results on fullerene graphs
6/12/2011 Šárka Petříčková Vrcholové barvení frakcionálních mocnin grafu
16/12/2011 Jan Vaněk (KKY ZČU Plzeň) Programování s CUDA
29/11/2011 Petr Vrána Tutteovy kružnice v 4-souvislých hranových grafech
22/11/2011 Andrew Treglown (University of Birmingham, MFF UK) Embedding spanning bipartite graphs of small bandwidth
1/11/2011 Jiří Fiala (MFF UK) Problém k-na-cestě na spáruprostých grafech
25/10/2011 Mirka Miller Open Problems in the Degree/Diameter Problem Area
18/10/2011 Tomáš Kaiser Referát o článku C. Payana a M. Sakarovitche o indukovaných stromech v cyklicky 4-souvislých kubických grafech z roku 1975
11/10/2011 Joe Ryan (University of Newcastle, Australie) Exclusive sum labellings of trees
4/10/2011 Mirka Miller Extremal graphs with forbidden cycles
20/9/2011 Tomáš Kaiser Duhová souvislost 2-souvislých grafů
12/4/2011 Moshe Rosenfeld (University of Washington, Tacoma, USA) The odd distance graph
5/4/2011 Petr Vrána Uzávěr pro 1-hamiltonovskou souvislost
29/3/2011 Mirka Miller Latest Results in the Degree/Diameter Problem
20/3/2011 Demetres Christofides (Institut teoretické informatiky, MFF UK) Hamilton cycles in dense vertex transitive graphs
15/3/2011 Ross Kang (University of Durham, UK) Improper choosability and Property B
1/3/2011 Shuya Chiba (Tokyo University of Science, Japonsko) 2-factors of claw-free graphs
22/2/2011 Matěj Stehlík (CNRS, Grenoble) Simultální barvení rovinných grafů
26/1/2011 Guillermo Pineda Villavicencio (University of Ballarat, Australie) Hamiltonicity of Cayley and vertex-transitive graphs and certain graph covers
14/12/2010 Zdeněk Ryjáček Stabilita a stabilizátory
23/11/2010 Radek Slíva Antimagické číslování grafů
30/11/2010 Petr Vrána S-hamiltonovská souvislost hranových grafů
16/11/2010 Khikmat Saburov Hamiltonovské vlastnosti 3-souvislých claw-free grafů
2/11/2010 Šárka Petříčková Online Ramseyova teorie
26/10/2010 Ingo Schiermeyer (TU Freiberg, Německo) Rainbow connectivity of graphs
19/10/2010 Tomáš Kaiser Vertex suppression in 3-connected graphs
12/10/2010 Přemek Holub Rainbow Connection
21/9/2010 Oudone Phanalasy (University of Newcastle, Australie) Completely separating systems and antimagic labeling of regular and non-regular graphs
4/5/2010 V. Jungic (Simon Fraser University, Kanada) Some open problems in combinatorics
27/4/2010 Ondřej Rucký M. Chudnovski, A. O. Fradkin: An approximate version of Hadwiger's conjecture for claw-free graphs II
20/4/2010 Ondřej Rucký M. Chudnovski, A. O. Fradkin: An approximate version of Hadwiger's conjecture for claw-free graphs
16/3/2010 Petr Vrána Hamiltonovská souvislost 3-souvislých claw-free grafů
6/4/2010 Přemek Holub Interlace polynom speciálních tříd grafů I
13/4/2010 Přemek Holub Interlace polynom speciálních tříd grafů II
2/3/2010 Milan Petrík (Ústav informatiky AV ČR) Asociativita úplně uspořádáných monoidů z pohledu web geometry
23/2/2010 Zdeněk Ryjáček Zobecněná sluníčka a stabilita dědičných tříd
3/11/2009 Zdeněk Ryjáček Zakazáné podgrafy pro hamiltonovskou souvislost
10/11/2009 Jan Ekstein, Přemek Holub Pakovací barvení grafů
20/10/2009 Roman Čada Vizingova hypotéza o dominanci grafových součinů
13/10/2009 Daniel Král' (MFF UK, ITI) Removal lemma pro soustavy lineárnich rovnic
6/10/2009 Petr Vrána O uzávěru claw-free grafů zachovávající hamiltonovskou souvislost
22/9/2009 Tomáš Kaiser Hamiltonovské kružnice v 5-souvislých hranových grafech
15/9/2009 Liming Xiong (Beijing Institute of Technology) The branch-bond concept and graph properties
24/6/2009 Bharati Rajan (Loyola College (Chennai, Indie)) On Minimum Metric Dimension of Architectures
24/6/2009 Indra Rajasingh (Loyola College (Chennai, Indie)) Exact Wirelength of an Embedding
12/5/2009 Tomáš Kaiser Diracova věta pro k-trestles
5/5/2009 Jan Brousek Vybrana témata z teorie grafů
28/4/2009 Roman Čada Úvod do komplexnější komplexity - polynomiální hierarchie
21/4/2009 Josef Weinreb (KIV ZČU Plzeň) Nezastupitelná role indukované P4 v teorii grafů
14/4/2009 Zdeněk Ryjáček Vyplývá z Thomassenovy hypotézy P=NP?
31/3/2009 Khikmat Saburov Uzávěr a zakázané podgrafy pro 2-faktory
17/3/2009 Zdeněk Ryjáček Uzávěr pro 2-faktory v claw-free grafech
10/3/2009 Kiyoshi Yoshimoto (Nihon University, Tokio, Japonsko) Claw-free graphs and 2-factors that separate independent vertices
3/3/2009 Andrew King (McGill University, Montreal, Kanada) Bounding the chromatic number of claw-free graphs
24/2/2009 Zdeněk Ryjáček O NP-úplnosti Hamiltonovského indexu grafů
9/12/2008 R. Erman (Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovinsko) Long cycles in fullerenes
2/12/2008 Roman Čada O rozdělování grafu cestou
18/11/2008 Radek Slíva List Coloring Conjecture
11/11/2008 Petr Vrána Hranové grafy multigrafu a jednoznačnost originálu
4/11/2008 Zdeněk Ryjáček O jednoznačnosti uzávěrových operací
21/10/2008 Dalibor Fronček (University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA) Magic type labelings and incomplete round robin tournaments
30/9/2008 Tomáš Kaiser Silný chromatický index grafu
13/5/2008 Jan Ekstein Referát k článku: A. D. King, B. A. Reed and A. Vetta: An upper bound for the chromatic number of line graphs
29/4/2008 S. Petříčková a M. Bizzarri Grafové hry
22/4/2008 Khikmat Saburov Referát k článku: M. Chudnovsky, P. Seymour: The roots of the independence polynomial of a claw-free graph
15/4/2008 Přemek Holub Distanční barevnost grafu
8/4/2008 Tomáš Kaiser Intervalové barvení bipartitiních grafů
25/3/2008 Roman Kužel Referát o článku: M.N. Ellingham, X. Zha, Y. Zhang: Spanning 2-trails from degree sum conditions
11/3/2008 Jan Ekstein Hamiltonovské kružnice v mocninách grafů a jejich vztah k blokovým stromům
12/2/2008 Daniel Král' (MFF UK Praha) Fullereny - grafy ve službách chemie
26/2/2008 Zdeněk Ryjáček Vlastnosti Cl2 uzávěru v claw-free grafech II
19/2/2008 Petr Vrána Vlastnosti Cl2 uzávěru v claw-free grafech I
4/3/2008 Ruslan Gumerov Hamiltonicita CN_{i,j,k}-free grafů
11/12/2007 Tomáš Kaiser Disjunktní Hamiltonovské kružnice v hvězdových grafech
4/12/2007 Jakub Teska Referat k clanku S. Wina II: On a connection between the existence of k-trees and the toughness of a graph
27/11/2007 Jakub Teska Referat k clanku S. Wina: On a connection between the existence of k-trees and the toughness of a graph
6/11/2007 Jan Brousek 2,4-faktory v claw-free grafech
30/10/2007 Khikmat Saburov Úvodní referát k článku: M. Chudnovsky and P. Seymour: The structure of claw-free graphs II
23/10/2007 Khikmat Saburov Úvodní referát k článku: M. Chudnovsky and P. Seymour: The structure of claw-free graphs
16/10/2007 Jakub Teska New results on trestles
2/10/2007 Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio (University of Ballarat, Australia; University of Oriente, Cuba) New results on the degree/diameter and other related problems
25/9/2007 Snaming Zhou (The University of Melbourne, Australia) Classification of a family of finite symmetric graphs
24/4/2007 Jakub Teska Toughness treshold for the existence of a 2-walk in K_4-minor free graphs
10/4/2007 J. Basl, V. Skocil, J. Tupa (FST, FEL ZČU Plzeň) Možnosti aplikace teorie grafů a diskrétní optimalizace pro řízení technologických a diagnostických procesů v elektrotechnice
17/4/2007 Jan Brousek Minimální claw-free grafy
3/4/2007 Petr Vrána Kvazi-hranové grafy a uzávěr
27/3/2007 S. Petříčková, M. Bizzarri Hry na grafech
20/3/2007 Ruslan Gumerov Aplety pro demosntraci grafových algoritmů
13/3/2007 Roman Čada Optimalizace rozsáhlých úloh
6/3/2007 Ondřej Rucký Ergodická teorie a souvislost s kombinatorickou teorií čísel II
27/2/2007 Ondřej Rucký Ergodická teorie a souvislost s kombinatorickou teorií čísel I
13/2/2007 Tomáš Kaiser Základy Ramseyovy teorie
12/12/2006 Zdeněk Ryjáček Dva zajímavé problémy v hamiltonovské teorii grafů
5/12/2006 Roman Kužel A Closure Concept in K_{1,r}-free Graphs
4/12/2006 prof. Jiří Matoušek (ITI MFF UK Praha) Voroneho diagramy s neutralní zónou
28/11/2006 Tomáš Kaiser Perfektní párováni s prázdným průnikem
21/11/2006 Roman Čada Transformace kubických grafů a otevřené problémy jejich faktorizaci
20/2/2007 Jana Flašková Ultrafiltry a malé množiny
14/11/2006 Ondřej Rucký Duhovost hypergrafu
7/11/2006 Petr Vrána Nepancyklické grafy s úplným uzávěrem
24/10/2006 Jianmin Tang (University of Ballarat, Australie) Hybrid Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm for the Degree-Diameter Problem
24/10/2006 Guillermo Pineda-Villavicensio (University of Oriente, Kuba; University of Ballarat, Australie) On the degree/diameter problem for both bipartite and non-bipartite graphs
3/10/2006 Jan Brousek Hamiltonicita a zakázané podgrafy
18/5/2006 Ruslan Gumerov Kontrahovatelné podgrafy a zakázané indukované podgrafy
4/5/2006 Jan Ekštein Hamiltonovské kružnice v mocninách grafu
29/3/2006 Zdeněk Ryjáček Maximal nontraceable graphs
16/3/2006 Roman Kužel k-walks in bridgeless graphs
23/3/2006 Jan Brousek Zobecněné Claw-free grafy
9/3/2006 Přemysl Holub 2-distanční barvení kartézského produktu grafu
2/3/2006 Roman Čada Faktory v kubických grafech
23/2/2006 Zdeněk Ryjáček Arbirtatily Vertex Decomposable Graphs
16/2/2006 Sylwia Cichacz (AGH Krakow, Poland) Decompositions of graphs into closed trails of even size
26/1/2006 Stanislav Jendroľ (Univerzita P. J. Šafarika v Košicích, SR) Duhovost semiregularných rovinných grafov
9/1/2006 Joe Ryan (University of Ballarat, Australia) Structure and Properties of Eccentric Digraphs
9/1/2006 Mirka Miller (University of Ballarat, Australia) Security Problem of Statistical Databases and Combinatorics of Finite Sets
14/12/2005 Vrána Petr Dominujicí kružnice a podgrafy
30/11/2005 Kužel Roman Trestly v grafech bez K(1,r)
16/11/2005 Čada Roman Optimalizace meziměstské autobusové dopravy
2/11/2005 Ryjáček Zdeněk Zakázané dvojice indukovaných podgrafů pro existenci 2-faktoru
26/10/2005 Kaiser Tomáš Perfektní párování v kubických grafech a Berge-Fulkersonova hypotéza
12/10/2005 Holub Přemysl Stabilní dvojice pro hranový uzávěr II.
5/10/2005 Holub Přemysl Stabilní dvojice pro hranový uzávěr I.
18/5/2005 Roman Čada Stabilita hamiltonovského hranolu při claw-free uzávěru
4/5/2005 Riste Škrekovski (univerzita v Lublani (Slovinsko)) Coloring the square of planar graphs
27/4/2005 prof. Mayer Teorie grafů a elektrické obvody II
20/4/2005 Zdeněk Ryjáček Teorie grafů a elektrické obvody
16/4/2005 Tomáš Kaiser Nezávislé systémy reprezentantů
30/3/2005 Ondřej Rucký Cesty v orientovaných grafech
23/3/2005 Teska Jakub 2-sledy v chordálních grafech
16/3/2005 Jan Borusek, Přemek Holub Modifikace Claw-free uzávěru
2/3/2005 Zdeňek Ryjáček 3-trestles in 2-connected claw free graphs
16/2/2005 Jungic Veselin (Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC, Kanada)) On Brown's conjecture on accessible sets
7/1/2005 Joe Ryan (University of Ballarat, Australia) The Train Marshalling Problem
7/1/2005 Mirka Miller (University of Ballarat, Australia) Optimal Networks
15/12/2004 Petr Vrána Dominující kružnice v A-kontrahovatelných grafech
24/11/2004 Francois Genest (LRI Orsay, Francie) Covering stable set of black vertices in some simple graphs
3/11/2004 Jan Brousek Distanční lokální souvislost grafů
27/10/2004 Tomáš Kaiser Cykly a řezy v grafech
20/10/2004 Zdeněk Ryjáček Chybějící délky kružnic v grafech s úplným uzávěrem
6/10/2004 Ingo Schiermeyer (Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) Colorings of graphs
28/4/2004 Jakub Teska Kostry v grafech
21/4/2004 Zdeněk Ryjáček Kostry s malým počtem uzlů vyššího stupně v k-tuhých grafech.
24/3/2004 Milan Kučera (MFF UK, Praha) Výukové applety pro diskrétní matematiku
31/3/2004 Zdeněk Ryjáček Výukové applety pro diskrétni matematiku
7/4/2004 Přemysl Holub Hamiltonian index, part I.
14/4/2004 Přemysl Holub Hamiltonian index, part II.
17/3/2004 Libuše Tesková Grafy s celými vlastnimi cisly
10/3/2004 Jakub Teska článek Splitting and contractible edges... (A. Saito), část II.
3/3/2004 Jakub Teska článek Splitting and contractible edges... (A. Saito)
10/11/2003 Premysl Holub Barevnost claw-free grafu
3/11/2003 Roman Čada Kosterní grafy
20/10/2003 Tomáš Kaiser Kruhová barevnost hranových grafů
13/10/2003 Jan Brousek Stabilita C,E-free grafů
6/10/2003 Jakub Teska Diplomová práce
25/4/2003 Tomáš Kaiser Discharging a barvení rovinných grafů
14/3/2003 Libuše Tesková Vlastní čísla grafů - dokončení
7/3/2003 Libuše Tesková Vlastní čísla grafů
19/12/2002 Roman Kužel A note on the Thomassen conjecture
18/12/2002 Kňourek, Kužel, Sitera Clustery na ZČU
12/12/2002 Přemek Holub Distance coloring and distance local connectivity
5/12/2002 Roman Čada Algoritmy s linearní složitostí pro třídu claw-free a net-free grafů
28/11/2002 Zdeňek Ryjáček Sum Labellings
14/11/2002 Chuanping Chen Discrete mathematics in China
7/11/2002 Roman Čada Dominating Cycles in DCT Graphs
10/10/2002 Tomas Kaiser Spanning spiders
3/10/2002 Joe Ryan (University of Newcastle, Australia) Iterations of eccentric digraphs
3/10/2002 Mirka Miller (University of Newcastle, Australia) Degree/Diameter problem